Growth Algorithm with Compute Shaders


I have always been fascinated with biological patterns. Nature is an endless source of inspiration. In order to get theese results, I thought about how lichens and mushrooms grow and by what factors their growth is defined. I came up with an algorithm, which is extremely simple and efficent. It can run easily on a 4k resolutoin at 50 frames per second.

The first image is the fertile soil. Dark spaces represent eroded spaces while white spaces are fertile arease where the organism can grow. The fertile soil steadily regrows. 


The second image is displaying the actual organisms itself, each color is on organism. The organisms can interbreed and create new colors / new organisms. Interestingly there is a certain behaviour which proves to be very efficent. Its noticable as a spirale shape. After letting the simulation run for some time, this pattern always emerges and prevails.