Automated Audio Visualisation

A project designed to display visual appealing content generated in real-time using audio and kinetic data. 


Understanding Music

There are tousands of different music genres and another tousand different accustic environements. In order to make the project scalable to any kind of environment or music genre, the audio analysis itself has to be dynamic. I came up with a self regulation system, which can addapt it's threesholds to work in every situation. Also, the software is capable of detecting sudden changes in song structure. 

After months of research and work, I ended up with a software featuring 15 differents scenes. The software decides independently when it wants to switch between those scenes. 



To submerge the visitor with the project, I used a kinect sensor, which detects movement. This data again is used inside the project to trigger differerent changes. 



The entire project runs 30 frames per second on a mid end computer. Meaning audio and kinetic movement is analyzed and processed into threedimensional images within 1/30 of a second.